Mimaki SS21 Ink Replacements

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Mimaki SS21 Ink Replacements on InXave.com

Mimaki* SS21 Ink Replacements

InXave is proud to provide The JeTechInk brand of Mimaki SS21 Mild Solvent Ink Replacements.

This ink is formulated to provide a compatible match to the performance, quality and color properties of the OEM Mimaki SS21 Mild Solvent Inks at the best prices.

Mimaki SS21 440ml Solvent Cyan InkMimaki SS21 440ml Solvent Magenta InkMimaki SS21 440ml Solvent Yellow InkMimaki SS21 440ml Solvent Black InkMimaki SS21 440ml Solvent Light Cyan InkMimaki SS21 440ml Solvent Light Magenta InkMimaki SS21 440ml Solvent Light Black InkMimaki SS21 440ml Solvent Orange InkMimaki SS21 440ml Solvent Ink Cleaning Solution


1:1 Compatibility with Mimaki* SS21 Ink

JeTechInk’s brand of Mimaki SS21 ink replacements are the ideal choice for print shop owners looking for:

  • Accurate color reproduction,sharp print quality and the ability to print on a wide range of media compatible to the Original Mimaki SS21 Ink.
  • Ink that is easily mixed and matched and does not require additional flushing when switching from the original Mimaki SS21 Ink to the compatible JeTechInk brand.
  • Ink that does not clog or deflect.


Ink Specifications



CJV30-60 CJV150-75 CJV300-130 JV33-130 JV300-160
CJV30-100 CJV150-75 CJV300-160 JV33-160
CJV30-100 CJV150-107 JV5-130S JV34-260
CJV30-130 CJV150-130 JV5-160S JV150-130
CJV30-160 CJV150-160 JV5-320S JV300-130


  • 440ml Ink Cartridges



  • CMYK: Cyan,Magenta, Yellow, Black
  • Specialty Colors: Light Cyan, Light Magenta,Light Black,Orange
  • Cleaning Solution: 440ml cleaning solution


About InXave:

InXave.com is a one stop shop for all your Large Format/Wide Format ink  needs. We offer a huge selection of replacement inks for all major brand name manufacturers such as Mimaki*Roland*HP*Mutoh*Epson*Oce*Seiko*Canon* and more. Our quality and prices can't be beat. Try us out today!


Why InXave is the ideal choice

Times are hard for print shop owners.

InXave.com understands this and strongly believes that you should not have to choose between quality and price.

We promise our customers:

  • Only High Quality inks made in the USA.
  • World Class Customer Service follow up.
  • Technical Support and Assistance they can rely on.


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