Epson* T596 UltraChrome HDR* 350ml Compatible Ink Cartridge Epson* T596 UltraChrome HDR* Compatible ink cartridges from JeTechInk™ Brand are a direct replacement to the OEM. Our inks were formulated to match the performance of the original T596 UltraChrome HDR* inks. They will perform great with the following Large Format Printers: Stylus Pro 7700, Stylus Pro 7890, Stylus Pro 7890 Designer Edition, Stylus Pro 7900, Stylus Pro 7900 Proofing Edition, Stylus Pro 7900CTP, Stylus Pro 9700, Stylus Pro 9890, Stylus Pro 9890 Designer Edition, Stylus Pro 9900, Stylus Pro 9900 Proofing Edition, Stylus Pro WT900, Stylus Pro WT900 Designer Edition