Seiko* M-64S H-104S IP6-104 Compatible 1000ml Ink Cartridge - Black

  • Save $0.00 USD Seiko* ColorPainter M-64s and H-104s 1000mL (IP6-10x) low solvent replacement ink cartridges are an economical way to print without stopping! Our High quality, High Performance odorless inks are dead on color wise, comparing to Seiko's original inks = no need for new profiles! Our ink formulations are clog and misfiring free. JeTechInk™ Brand inks are always 100% compatible with the OEM. No flushing is needed. Mix & Match are always available for versatility and savings. Just Plug and Play. Proudly Made in the USA. For use with the following Large Format Printers:
ColorPainter M-64S
ColorPainter H-104s

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