AnyCISS Bulk Ink System 4x8 for 2000mL Ink Bags AnyCISS Bulk Ink System from JeTechInk™ Brand is a great solution for Mimaki, Roland* and Mutoh* wide format printers. Versatile system that will work with Solvent, Mild Solvent, Eco Solvent, Water based Dyes, Water based pigment, Archival inks - pigment or dyes, and Dye Sublimation inks. It does require our 2000ml ink bag solution to work with. This 4x8 system is our most Popular solution for those printers using only CMYK (4 colors) and dual slots per cartridge/color. AnyCISS is easy to install, operate and maintain. This system will save you normally over 50% on your ink cost! You will payoff this system within 2-3 purchases of a full set of inks, and from there it is only savings

Here are a few reasons why using our system:

1. Longer runs without replacing ink. You can now let your printer finish roll after roll without stopping for ink cartridge replacement.

2. Huge saving on ink prices. Lower prices means your profit margins increase, and you are more competitive in a very demanding market.

3. Cleaner solution than other systems which includes waste collecting bag.

4. Less clutter. No more endless amount of used cartridges everywhere.

5. Environmental conscious solution - reducing those hard to degrade plastics making those ink cartridges. Some of them clutters our landfills for decades!


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