Customizable Hand Sanitizer 80% Alc for hands and surfaces disinfecting 3.38oz (100ml) - Case of 35 Hand Sanitizer from JeTechInk™ Brand is manufactured in FDA registered facility and made in the USA. The strong formulation consists of 80% alcohol will kill 99.9% bacteria and viruses at contact. Great way to combat COVID-19 Coronavirus when soap and water are not available. Cleaning your hands and surfaces coming in contact with you, or your loved ones, friends and family, coworkers, is clearly aiding with disinfecting Coronavirus and other illnesses.

This is why we are selling it at an attractive price of $3.99 per 3.38oz (100ml) spray bottle. We sell them by cases of 35 spray bottles each. When ordering quantity of 1 you will receive 35 bottles, 2 will be 70 bottles and so on. Add your Logo or message at no extra cost to you! Upload your Logo above.

Help us spread our hand sanitizer to everyone and fight COVID-19 Coronavirus. Use them to promote your business, events, family, friends, and of course for personal use. Take them with you when traveling, going to events, work and even shopping. Spray your hands before touching your face, after lunch or dinner and anytime you have touched an unfamiliar surface.


Use as directed.

Assist children under 5.

Do not spray on open wounds.

Do not spray directly on your face or eyes. Irritation may occur. Flush with water.



InXave Hand Sanitizer Brochure



InXave Hand Sanitizer SDS

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