Personal COVID-19 Customizable 3 Ply Liquid resistant fabric Face Masks - Case of 50 ESSENTIAL line of Face Masks are here. They are 3 Ply masks with high quality micro dust and bacteria filter plus they will resist liquid which is the number one contamination passage for COVID-19 Coronavirus. Here is a short description of the 3 Ply Mask filters:

  1. Exterior Cover - FLUID Resistant - Made with Microfiber Polyester (86%) and Elasten (14%). Shiny and smooth. Easy to wear for longer times. High quality Fiber.
  2. Intermediate Filter - Blocks MICRO Particles such as Dust and Bacteria. - Made from Non-Woven Polyester (100%).
  3. Interior Layer - Smooth and easy to wear finish. - Made with Microfiber Polyester (86%) and Elasten (14%).

Our ESSENTIAL 3 Ply masks are easy to wear for many hours. They are washable and reusable with luxury look and style that lasts. Stand out from the crowd. Get yours today.

ESSENTIAL masks come with many color options. Contact us for a color specific need. will allow printing your LOGO on your choice of White or Black Masks only. See above an option to load your file.

You can upload your file above. We accept .jpg .png .bmp .pdf file format with maximum of 1200x1200 resolution. Please bare in mind that due to space limitations some images will be reduced to fit. The LOGOs will be printed and transferred onto the fabric using our DyeSub inks which are clean and safe.

Minimum order of 50 masks is required. Price per mask is $8.99 for White and $9.99 for Black. For a limited time, Printed LOGOs does not add to the base price. Special colors cannot be printed and are $8.99 each with minimum of 50 masks. When ordering 2 units you will receive 100 masks and so on. 

Delivery: Allow 2-3 weeks to produce. We will notify you when ready. Special orders please Contact Us.

Promote your business, have an event, want to look great with a mask , whatever is the reason ESSENTIAL 3 Ply are your choice of masks.

Please Note: Non-medical. Non-surgical masks. They are for everyday normal use.

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