Mimaki* JFX200-2513 Compatible 1000ml Ink Bottle (LUS-150 and LUS-120) - Black

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InXave.com Mimaki* JFX200-2513 Compatible 1000ml Ink Bottle (LUS-150 & LUS-120)* from JeTechInk™ Brand is a direct replacement to Mimaki's original LUS-150K and LUS-120K UV curable inks. Our formulation and chemistry is compatible with the OEM so there is no need for flushing the lines and you can Mix & Match with the original Mimaki's LUS-150 or LUS-120 inks. Fast & Save. Our colors are dead on with comparison to the OEM inks, which means no new profiles are needed. JeTechInk™ Brand chip technology ensures continues printing until the last drop of ink, no compromise.
LUS-150 and LUS-120 compatible inks from JeTechInk™ will work with the following Mimaki* Grand Format Printer:


* Please select your ink type. Each bottle will arrive with the corresponding Chip.

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