Mimaki* LH-100 Hard UV LED Compatible 600ml Ink Cartridge SPC-0597W - White

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InXave.com Mimaki* LH-100 Hard UV LED Compatible Ink Cartridge SPC-0597 from JeTechInk™ Brand are premium quality replacement inks. They were formulated to be 100% chemically compatible with Mimaki's original LH-100 inks for easy Plug and Play, Mix and Match operation. Use it the same way you would have with the original OEM cartridge. No need to flush. Colors are identical to the OEM LH-100 inks - No new profiles are needed! These inks will meet or exceed Mimaki's original inks performance and are odorless, clog free and optimized to work with the following Mimaki* Wide Format Printers:
JFX 1631+
JFX 1610
UJF 3042

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