Mutoh* Dye Sublimation Compatible 440ml Ink Cartridge - Magenta

  • Save $0.00 USD Aqueous Dye Sublimation inks from JeTechInk™ Brand are 100% compatible with Mutoh* dye sublimation inks. Our colors brighter, Blacks are deeper and richer. Our low sediment inks will ensure clog free operation! Great performance at a very low cost! and it is made here in the USA!

Our Aqueous Dye Sublimation Ink cartridges will work with the following Mutoh* Wide Format Printers:

Albatros 54 (PJ-1304 NX)
Blizzard 65
Blizzard 90
Spitfire 100
Spitfire 65
Spitfire 90
Toucan LT
Toucan LT 100
Toucan LT 64
Toucan LT 87
ValueJet 1204
ValueJet 1304
ValueJet 1324
ValueJet 1604
ValueJet 1618
ValueJet 1628X
ValueJet 1624
ValueJet 1638X
ValueJet 2606
ValueJet 2638

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