Mutoh* VJ-LUH1-VA UH21VA UV LED Compatible 220ml Ink Cartridge - Varnish

  • Save $0.00 USD Mutoh* VJ-LUH1 UH21 UV LED compatible 220ml ink cartridges from JeTechInk™ Brand offering 100% compatibility to the OEM inks. Same colors = No new Profiles! Plug and Play = No flush is needed! Mix and Match for versatility as well as perfect utilization, No need to switch all colors at the same time! Our inks going through rigorous testing before shipping to ensure quality is met or exceeds the OEM. Our quality is your peace of mind. Proudly Made in the USA. Our Mutoh's UV LED compatible ink cartridges will work with following Mutoh's Large Format Printers:
ValueJet 1638UH
ValueJet 1626UH
ValueJet 426UF
ValueJet 626UF

¹ Please Note: Please select the correct firmware (F/W) version for your printer. MAKE SURE you are selecting the correct one. To check your firmware version please turn your printer OFF and then ON again. During the boot process your F/W version will show on your printer's display. Please write it down and select the correct version. Chip failure/s due to error in selecting properly your firmware version will result in a charge for new smart cards (chips) plus shipping.

LUH1 version is discontinued! Please verify you are using either UH21 or US11 and order the correct one.

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