Mutoh* VJ-MSINK3A-MA Eco Solvent Ultra Compatible 220ml Ink Cartridge - Magenta

  • Save $0.00 USD Mutoh* VJ-MSINK3A-MA Eco Ultra 220mL compatible ink cartridge from JeTechInk™ Brand is a super High Quality, High Performance one. Our Mutoh* replacement ink Cartridge is 100% compatible with the OEM inks. Plug and Play, no flushing is needed! Mix & Match with the OEM inks for better utilization and savings. No need to buy a full set of inks to use JeTechInk™ Brand Mutoh* compatible inks. As part of our effort to simplify things our ink colors are exact match to Mutoh’s original ink, so no new profiles needed and there is no need to worry about color changes. Furthermore, our formulation is designed to be Clog free and accurate, straight jetting for sharper, more vivid printed images or photos. Our VJ-MSINK3A ink cartridge will work with the following Mutoh* Large Format Printers:
ValueJet 628
ValueJet 628X
ValueJet 1204
ValueJet 1304
ValueJet 1324
ValueJet 1604
ValueJet 1618
ValueJet 1624
ValueJet 1638
ValueJet 2606 (100")
ValueJet 2638
Toucan LT
Toucan LT 64
Toucan LT 87
Toucan LT 100
Toucan LT Board
Falcon Outdoor 62
Falcon Outdoor Jr 48

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