Roland* Eco UV (EUV-PR) Compatible 220ml Ink Cartridge - Primer

  • Save $0.00 USD Roland* Eco UV (EUV-PR) compatible 220ml ink cartridge from JeTechInk™ Brand are High quality, High Performance inks and dead on color wise, comparing to Roland's original inks = no need for new profiles! Our ink formulations are clog and misfiring free. JeTechInk™ Brand inks are always 100% compatible with the OEM so no flushing is needed and mix and match are always available for versatility and savings. Just Plug and Play. Our Roland* Eco UV (EUV) compatible ink cartridge will work with the following Roland Large Format Printers:
VersaUV LEC-300.
VersaUV LEC-330
VersaUV LEC-540
VersaUV LEF-12
VersaUV LEF-20
VersaUV LEF-300
VersaUV LEJ-560
VersaUV LEJ-640
* Note: Please check your UV ink version before purchasing. This information will be on your original OEM cartridge. It will state, for example, "EUV2-color" or "EUV-color Ver. 2" for EUV2 option. "EUV3-color" or "EUV-color Ver. 3" for EUV3 option, etc. This information is critical for your printer to work. If you haven't selected any option it will default to EUV2. We will not be liable for wrong selection of your ink type. Contact Us for more information.

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