Seiko* M-64S IP6-223 Compatible 1500ml Ink Bag - Cyan

  • Save $0.00 USD OKI* Seiko* ColorPainter M-64S 1500mL IP6-223 SX Cyan compatible replacement ink bag is a very economical way to print without stopping! Our High quality, High Performance inks are dead on color wise, comparing to Seiko's original inks = no need for new profiles! Our ink formulations are clog and misfiring free. JeTechInk™ Brand inks are always 100% compatible with the OEM so no flushing is needed and mix and match are always available for versatility and savings. Just Plug and Play. Proudly Made in the USA. For use with the following OKI Seiko* Large Format Printers:
ColorPainter M-64S
OKI ColorPainter M-64S

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