Mutoh* Dye Sublimation Compatible 440ml Ink Cartridges - 4 Set - CMYK presents JeTechInk™ Brand's Mutoh* Aqueous Dye Sublimation Compatible 440ml Ink Cartridge 4 set in CMYK configuration, an epitome of excellence and precision engineering. Expertly manufactured in the USA, these inks are a testament to unrivaled color accuracy, surpassing even Mutoh*'s original inks without requiring any profile modifications. Engineered to perfection, our ink formulations ensure a hassle-free printing experience, devoid of clogs or misfires, while maintaining complete compatibility with OEM printers, negating the need for flushing. Embrace the freedom to mix and match cartridges for optimal versatility and cost savings. With a seamless plug-and-play design, these cartridges uphold the highest standards while offering seamless integration with the following printer models:

Albatros 54 (PJ-1304 NX)

Blizzard 65

Blizzard 90

Spitfire 100

Spitfire 65

Spitfire 90

Toucan LT

Toucan LT 100

Toucan LT 64

Toucan LT 87

ValueJet 1204

ValueJet 1304

ValueJet 1324

ValueJet 1604

ValueJet 1618

ValueJet 1628X

ValueJet 1624

ValueJet 1638X

ValueJet 2606

ValueJet 2638

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