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For over 3 decades, Caldera has been developing high-quality software supporting the digital print & cut industry serving the graphic arts and textile printing markets.

Caldera’s RIP software solutions drive large and grand-format devices with a focus on productivity, efficiency, and color management in a controlled production workflow.

Caldera’s RIP software and workflow solutions can be used alone or in combination to suit a wide range of markets and applications – including signs, graphics, textile and industrial printing.

CalderaRIP has been designed to help digital printing professionals consolidate their production by using a single RIP software to drive all their printers and cutters.

Caldera’s comprehensive suite of award-winning, production-oriented solutions provide color management, prepress, imaging and processing features for large and grand-format devices. CalderaRIP is the only software on Mac and Linux capable of driving over 1,600 printers and cutters to help you save time, ink and media while delivering high-quality results.

Caldera’s industry-leading solutions for printing and cutting workflows are the preferred choice of major players in the large-format printing industry worldwide.

Come join the Caldera family, let us, at InXave, tailor the best solution for you. Print like a pro with CalderaRIP.

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