Canon* PFI-701 Compatible 700ml Ink Cartridges - 4 Set - CMYK

Discover’s offering of our Canon* PFI-701 compatible 700ml ink cartridge from JeTechInk™ Brand. Crafted with precision in the USA, this compatible ink cartridge mirrors the quality and performance of the OEM inks. Seamlessly integrate without the hassle of ink train flushing; its compatibility ensures effortless Plug and Play functionality. Enhance your printing experience by blending with OEM inks, maximizing both efficiency and savings. True to Canon*'s original hues, no recalibration or new profiles are required, guaranteeing consistent color fidelity. Bid farewell to clogs with our meticulously engineered formulation, delivering pristine, sharp, and vibrant prints. Embrace the freedom to print without compromise with this convenient set of 4 colors (CMYK). Compatible with a range of Canon* Wide Format Printers including:
ImagePROGRAF 8000
ImagePROGRAF 9000
ImagePROGRAF 8000S
ImagePROGRAF 9000S
ImagePROGRAF 8100
ImagePROGRAF 9100

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