HP* HP72 Compatible 130ml Ink Cartridges - 4 Set - CMYK

Revolutionize your printing setup with InXave.com's JeTechInk™ Brand, HP72 compatible 130ml ink cartridge 4 set, featuring CMYPk variants. Crafted in the USA, our cartridges deliver OEM-level color precision, eliminating the need for recalibration. Seamlessly compatible with HP* printers, our Plug and Play solution ensures hassle-free installation without line flushing. Trust our reliable chip technology for consistent performance. Join a community of satisfied users benefiting from premium quality at an unmatched value. Compatible with:
DesignJet T1100
DesignJet T1120
DesignJet T1203
DesignJet T1300
DesignJet T2300
DesignJet T610
DesignJet T620
DesignJet T770
DesignJet T790

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