Canon* PFI-102 Compatible 130ml Ink Cartridges - 4 Set - CMYK

Experience the pinnacle of printing performance at with JeTechInk™ Brand's Canon* PFI-102 130mL Compatible ink cartridges. Renowned for their exceptional quality, these cartridges seamlessly integrate with Canon*'s original inks, ensuring a hassle-free plug-and-play installation without the need for ink train flushing. Enhance your printing experience by effortlessly combining our cartridges with OEM inks, maximizing both utilization and savings. With colors precisely calibrated to match Canon*'s original inks, there's no need for new profiles, guaranteeing consistent color output. Engineered to prevent clogging and enable precise jetting, our cartridges deliver exceptionally sharp, vibrant prints. Proudly manufactured in the USA, each set includes 4 colors (CMYK) and is compatible with a wide range of Canon* Wide Format Printers, including:

ImagePROGRAF 500
ImagePROGRAF 510
ImagePROGRAF 600
ImagePROGRAF 605
ImagePROGRAF 610
ImagePROGRAF 700
ImagePROGRAF 710
ImagePROGRAF 720

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