HP* FB250 UV Compatible 3200ml Ink Boxes - 4 Set - CMYK

Experience top-notch printing performance with InXave.com's JeTechInk™ Brand HP* FB250 UV compatible 3200ml ink box, consisting of a complete set of 4 colors (CMYK). Crafted in the USA, these ink boxes maintain OEM standards, ensuring seamless integration with your wide format printers. No need for new profiles or line flushing; it's a hassle-free plug-and-play solution. Our environmentally conscious UV ink boasts zero pollutants and is HAP-free. Benefit from clog-free, superior adhesion, and scratch-resistant formula. Our chips are guaranteed to function flawlessly, offering reliable, long-lasting results. Join our community of satisfied users who enjoy premium quality inks at unbeatable prices. Compatible with:

Scitex FB500

Scitex FB550

Scitex FB700

Scitex FB750

Scitex FB950

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