Roland* Aqueous Pigment FPG Compatible 220ml Ink Cartridges - 4 Set - CMYK

Upgrade your printing experience with Roland* Aqueous Pigment (FPG) compatible 220ml ink cartridges from JeTechInk™ Brand, now exclusively at! Engineered for precision and reliability, our inks mirror Roland*'s originals with unmatched color accuracy, eliminating the need for new profiles. Say goodbye to clogs and misfires with our USA-made formulations. Each 4-set includes CMYK colors for seamless integration with any of the following printers:

Hi-Fi Jet FJ-40

Hi-Fi Jet FJ-42

Hi-Fi Jet FJ-50

Hi-Fi Jet FJ-52

CammJet CJ 400

CammJet CJ 500

CammJet PRO II CJ 540


Please Note: As these printers are also using Roland’s Aqueous DYE (FDY) you must make sure your original cartridge is showing FPG on it before making a purchase!

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